The PIEL app has been used in many research programs. Some publications and dissertations are listed below.


Sampling Social Experiences in School: Feasibility of Experience Sampling Methodology on an iPlatform.

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Questioning the power of higher education. Taking the long way from in taking knowledge to building enjoyable learning experiences

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Using smartphones to collect daily sexual behavior data from college students

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Sexual Precedent’s Effect on Sexual Consent Communication

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How Does Emotion Regulation Strategy Use and Psychological Wellbeing Predict Mood in Adults With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder? A Naturalistic Assessment.

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Beauty and the busy mind: Occupied working memory resources impair aesthetic experiences in everyday life

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Is the general factor of personality really related to frequency of agreeable, conscientious, emotionally stable, extraverted, and open behavior? An experience sampling study.

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Physician Stress During Electronic Health Record Inbox Work: In Situ Measurement With Wearable Sensors

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Everyday Life Participation Using Powered Wheelchair Standing Devices by Boys With DMD

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Effects of Typical and Binge Drinking on Sexual Consent Perceptions and Communication

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A Cluster-Randomised Crossover Pilot Feasibility Study of a Multicomponent Intervention to Reduce Occupational Sedentary Behaviour in Professional Male Employees

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Sharing Positive Events: Ecological Momentary Assessment of Emotion Regulation via Social Capitalization in Schizotypy

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Everyday social experience in individuals with autism spectrum disorders

Chen, Yu-Wei (2015)

Sydney University

Social inclusion and high school students with visual impairments

Jessup, Glenda (2017)

Sydney University

Assessing nonmedical use of prescription stimulants using an iPhone application

DeLeon, Natalie(2015)

Texas State University

Daily feedback of self-concept clarity and grit

Wong, Alexander (2016)

Florida Atlantic University

School administrators' insight and self reflections: An exploration of the influence of expressive writing and the Luminaspark© inventory of self-awareness

Devall-Martin, Lisa (2017)

Johns Hopkins University

Establishing the efficacy of psychological treatments and understanding psychological mechanisms underpinning emotional distress in breast cancer

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University of Liverpool

The Relationship Between Emotion Differentiation and Avoidant Behaviors Among Individuals with Social Evaluative Concerns

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Hofstra University, N.Y

Assessing the Functionality, Triggers, and Emotional Consequences of Nostalgia in a Lifespan Sample: An Experience-Sampling Study

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University of Akron

Can social desirability explain the relationship between self-reports of personality and experience sampling?

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Lund University

Powered wheelchair standing devices - impact on participation for boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

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University of Sydney

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Interventions for Increasing Intentional Smartphone Use and Their Impact on Well-Being

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California State University

Black women college students, imposter phenomenon, stereotypes and mental health: A mixed-methods approach

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Loyola University, Chicago

Feasibility and acceptability of home- based exercise snacking and tai-chi snacking delivered remotely to self-isolating older adults during COVID-19

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Reducing Sedentary Behaviour in the Workplace: A Theory-led Multicomponent Intervention

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University of Dublin, Ireland

Stress and Human-Computer Interaction at the Workplace: Unobtrusive Tracking With Wearable Sensors and Computer Logs

Akbar, Faema (2021)

UC Irvine

Presentations & Posters

Standing and powered wheelchair functions

Young, Helena, Herbert, Karen & Paguinto, Sara-Grace (2016)

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

The Quinine Aboriginal allied health assistants project: Changing lives in rural and remote NSW

Yeung, Bethany, Oi-Ching, Bulkeley, Kim & Lincoln, Michelle (2018)

University of Sydney

Social defeat & Psychosis: an experience sampling study of Psychosocial stress

Fjolla, Berisha (2019)

McGill University