Quick Start

Install App

These instructions are designed to allow you to try out the application very rapidly. The instructions should be followed only on an iDevice. You can download the file on a computer later if you want to try editing the file. We explain how to get started with a sample survey we have already created for you. More detailed instructions on how to create a Control File and install it are provided elswhere on this website (see "Control File" and "Run Survey").

Download Application

Please download the PIEL app from the Apple Store by clicking on the App Store icon. The app is free but you will need to be signed in with your Apple ID.

Insert Email Address

The PIEL Application needs a "Control File" to run a survey. In the next step we will provide you with a sample Control File. In order to use all the functions of the App, you should insert a valid email address so that you can send the results to yourself. For trial purposes, we will do this automatically for you. Please enter your email address in the box and press submit. We will not keep a copy of this address, we will simply automatically insert it into the Control File prior to downloading.

Download Control File

The PIEL application requires a Control File to work. To help you quickly experience the function of the app, we have provided a sample Control File for download. Tap the download image to download the file. Your iDevice will then ask you to choose an application to open the file. Choose the PIEL Survey (you may have to scroll to find it). This will automatically install the Control File on your device.

We do not recommend you do this step on your computer for now, as it will require other steps to install on your iDevice.