Run Survey

Utilising Vision Accessibility features

The PIEL survey App has been designed to be accessible to people who use text to speech (voiceover) and enlargement options to access print. The font is large and well contrasted. However, there are other features that may help.

Using Voiceover

The PIEL Survey App can be accessed using most standard voiceover gestures on iDevices. The settings for voiceover can be found at: Settings > General > Accessibility > Voiceover

When a survey is due, the alert will sound followed by an announcement of time and date and that a notification has been received.

Do not keep headphones plugged into the device after a survey run has finished as it will prevent the next alert sound being heard externally.

If a survey is opened before the alert sound has finished, the alert sound may run over the top of voiceover when the first question is presented. However as it often takes a few seconds to locate a device and open the survey this is usually not a problem.

Using Zoom Functions

If necessary, you can use the zoom (enlargement) functions of iOS.

This setting can be found at: Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom