Survey the moment

The PIEL (Participation In Everyday Life) Survey App is designed to gather survey data from people in their daily lives.

The researcher can set a number of different styles of questions and seek a new set of responses at specified intervals. This allows a more complete understanding of a participant's thoughts and feelings than traditional survey methods. The app is accessible to people with disabilities, including vision impairment.

  • "in the moment" responses
  • simple response format
  • ability to schedule surveys
  • email/download survey
  • email results back

The PIEL Survey can also be used as a more traditional survey tool, able to obtain one set of reponses from multiple participants.

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The PIEL Survey app is provided free of charge but it is expensive to maintain and upgrade. We would also like to make it available for Android devices. If you have found it useful please consider making a donation. Thanks!