If you have a question not covered by the list below, do not hesitate to contact us.

I am not receiving notifications

There is no special setup required to receive notifications from the PIEL Survey. Since they are sent from the device itself, there is not even a need for an internet connection.

However, just like all apps which receive notifications, there are some key user actions which could prevent a user from being aware that a notification has been sent. Most of these might seem obvious but if a user is having problems, it is worth checking anyway.

  • Double check that a scheduled survey is still underway (it may have finished). You should see a placeholder screen if it is running.
  • Verify that the device is not turned off and that the battery is not flat.
  • Ensure that the device is not muted or the volume turned down.
  • Check that "Do not disturb settings" are not blocking the PIEL Survey app.
  • Do not turn off notification authorisation for the app. The app actually checks for this when the survey is started but does not check again. Disabling notifications for the app will prevent it working as expected.

I can't send the data file by email

On an iOS device, the PIEL Survey uses the iOS Mail app to send the data file. This is automatically shown when the user chooses to send the results.

Please ensure the following:

  • Check that a valid email address appears in the "To" field. If not, the user can manually enter an email address.
  • You must also have an email account that is enabled.
  • Send a test email from the Mail app to verify that the account is working.

Can I create an "End of day survey" with a scheduled survey?

This is not currently directly possible but may be in future. However, a similar effect can be achieved by having scheduled survey with an initial branching question. For example, the first question could be "Is it evening now? If the answer is yes, the end of day questions could be presented using branching logic. If no, the normal scheduled questions are presented. This requires that you first explain the choice to participants.

Is participant data secure?

The PIEL Survey app has a number of layers of protection of confidentiality. While the data is on the mobile device, the user controls security using normal device security measures for that device. There is no server used for data storage. Email transmission using normal secure methods (SSL or TLS) also provides a high level of security that users usually regard as acceptable.

Research projects using the app have been approved at universities and research institutions around the world. For more information see our confidentiality information.

Can I use other languages?

This encoding of the PIEL Survey app is extremely flexible and will allow a wide range of language scripts to be used. You can use your preferred language in questions, responses, placeholder messages and exit messages. It will even accept emojis.

However, the buttons and alerts are only in English at this stage. We plan to add languages in the future. If you want your language added, you can accelerate the process and help us by provide translations, of the key words and phrases. Please contact us if you wish to help.