Device Setup for Scheduled Surveys

Apple devices and most Android devices will work well with the PIEL Survey with minimal or no setup required. However, there are some Android devices that default to settings that will prevent the PIEL Survey app (and many other apps) from working properly. This upsets many users and can affect all but a few larger "white listed" apps as any online search will demonstrate. For this reason, we recommend that all research participants verify that their settings are correct.

In most cases this is easy to set up. However, there are many thousands of Android device types and many variants of customised software. In some cases, this software is region specific. Therefore, there may be cases where a participant can't manage to receive notifications (or else will receive them late) using the instructions in this website. If this occurs, a search online using the model name and "notifications" may provide an answer. If not, that participant may have to be excluded from your study. In our experience, this only occurs in a small number of cases

This page provides some general instructions of the settings needed for optimal use of the PIEL Survey. You can choose a brand below for more specific instructions.

1. Make notifications prominent

To maximise the chances of a notification being noticed, we suggest you make notifications more noticeable using the following settings.

  • Turn on sound and vibration.
  • Make sure the volume is loud enough to be easily heard.
  • Set the priority to "High".
  • Allow banners to show on the locked screen. The notification does not show the survey name in case it is sensitive.

2. Protect from Battery Optimisation (Android only)

Some Android devices can limit the functionality of apps once they are in the background. This is called battery optimization. The PIEL Survey app is not a power intensive app but sometimes this is the default setting for new apps. The PIEL Survey app must be excluded from battery optimization. Please see the more detailed examples on specific devices of how to do this.

3. Leave app in "Recent Apps" (Android only)

We recommend that you leave the app in "Recent Apps" and don't remove it by swiping and don't force close the app from settings. Some phones offer a feature to "Lock" an app in "Recent apps". Please see the more detailed examples on specific devices of how to do this. If you accidentally remove the app from the "Recent apps" list or force closed the app, please restart the app. The PIEL Survey has a feature that renews the notifications when you restart the app in these phones.

4. Email Setup

An email account must be setup on the device with a valid email account if you want the results to be emailed. On Apple devices, you must use the Apple Mail app. On Android devices, you can use your preferred mail app. Most email apps make this process very easy.

Actions to Avoid

There are some user actions that can affect the behaviour of an app, including the PIEL Survey app. Most device users will know to avoid these actions. Specifically, while a survey project is underway, participants should NOT:

  • leave the device in "Do not disturb" or "Quiet" mode during survey periods unless you have exempted the "PIEL Survey" app from being blocked.
  • uninstall the app
  • delete data of the app from Settings