Export Results

Exporting results via email

When the last run of a scheduled survey has been notified, an alert will appear asking participants if they would like to email the results back now or later. If the participant misses the last survey run, this message will still appear when they open the app again. This alert will show after each run-once survey. If participants opt to email results later, to do this they will need to go to the PIEL Survey home screen and tap the arrow to the right of the survey name. This will offer the alternative of emailing the results or deleting the survey.

For the email function to work, the device must have a valid email account. Apple devices have to use the Apple mail app. Android devices can use the participant's preferred mail app.

Results will be emailed to the address in listed in the author-email field of the Control File. If no email is placed in the Control File, the participant can type in the email when the email pscreen appears.

After emailing the responses, the data can be deleted by clicking "Delete All Responses". This will bring up a confirmatory message.

We recommend that participants don't delete data until it is confirmed that the researcher has received the results.

Exporting results via file sharing

Computers with MacOS version Catalina or later use Finder for file sharing. Earlier versions of MacOS or computers with Windows 7 or later use iTunes. Instructions for iTunes are below.

  • Plug the device into the computer and open iTunes.
  • Click on the icon indicating your device at the top of the window.
  • Click on file sharing.
  • Scroll down to the PIEL Survey app and click.
  • In the window on the right you will see the data file (.csv)
  • Either drag and drop the file or save it to your desired location.