Control File: Survey Questions

The PIEL Survey allows 4 question types; List, Checkbox, Slider and Text.

All question types require an action by the participant to allow them to advance to the next question. This ensures that no question is skipped by the participant. This interaction activates the "Next" button on the bottom right of the screen and activates the "Swipe" capability. The ability to "swipe" between questions is very intuitive and allows for rapid movement between questions.

Please note that the question text should not be too long. Remember that some participants will have a smaller screen size and long question text could push the response options off the screen. If needed, you can put more explanatory information as a hint (using %HINT). This has a smaller font.

At the bottom of each question of the survey, an indication of progress in the survey is given (for example "33% Done"). This is an aid to compliance. If branching is used, this percentage may jump more rapidly as questions are skipped as a result of the branching logic.

Minimum Requirements

All questions must have a question number as the first character in the question line in the Control File. This must be followed by the vertical separator "|" to separate it from the question text. Question numbers must start at 1 and should be listed in ascending order. There must be no missing or duplicated numbers in the sequence.

The question text should be followed by a %TYPE keyword which determines the type of question to be presented; list, checkbox, slider and text.


In addition to these basic requirements of question number, question text and question type, questions can be further customised as follows.

  • Text and slider question types have options to customise their look and behaviour.
  • All question types allow branching logic.
  • All question types allow the researcher to set a custom hint.

All these customisations are optional.

Further Information

Further information on the control file can be found at the following links.