Quick Start

Run Survey

You are now ready for your first trial run of the PIEL Survey Application.

Activate Survey

Now that you have imported the sample Control File, you will see the survey listed on the PIEL Survey app Home Screen. Click on it to activate it (see screenshot below).

Run Survey Once

Click the button "Start Run-Once Survey" on the home screen (ignore the "Test" button, you can learn more about this later). Note that you can run the survey in "Run Survey Once" mode multiple times.

To create a Scheduled Survey, you will need to edit the Control File by following the more detailed instructions.

Try out the different question types

You now have the opportunity to answer different types of questions.

  • button
  • checkbox
  • slider
  • text

Move forward and backward

All questions require an answer before the user can move to the next question. Once the user has responded, the "Next" button will become active. To progress to the next question, tap "Next" or swipe. For text questions, you need to tap the "Done" button on the keypad once finished.

Email Results

When the survey is finished, you will be returned to the home page. The arrow to the right of the active survey (the action arrow) listed will be darkened in colour. Click on this and you will have the option of emailing or deleting the results (see screenshot below). Click on "Email the results" (see screenshot below) then send the email.

You will receive a results (.csv) file at the email address you nominated above. You can then click the arrow again and delete the results. Note that you can run the survey using "Run Once" as many times as you want. The results file can be opened in a spreadsheet program or a text editor.

Try it yourself!

You are now ready to create your own survey. The easiest way to start is to download the previous Control File onto your computer and make changes. You then can email the file to your device and import it or else use file sharing.

The survey we have provided for a first trial is a "Run-Once Survey". After this first test, you can try adding a schedule and create a "Scheduled Survey" by disabling "can-run-once" in the Control File. Please read the detailed instructions on this website for all the custom options available.

You might find it useful to look at these examples of actual surveys.

Don't worry if you make a mistake. In most cases the PIEL app will let you know what is wrong. If you get stuck, don't hesitate to contact us.