Run Survey

Starting and Answering Surveys

You are now ready to run a survey, either as a test or as an actual survey.

Starting a scheduled survey

There are two steps to this process. Firstly activate the imported survey control file by tapping on this file on the home screen. Then tap the "Start” button on the top right of the home screen. Although activated, the control file will not present any surveys to the participant until it is possible to have them run for a full scheduled day. If this is not possible (i.e the participant has activated the control file in the evening and surveys are scheduled throughout the day) the surveys will start on the next day.

If the subject-id is not specified on the control file (for instance for testing purposes) an alert notice will appear confirming asking for a participant ID and the start day of the survey. Confirm this and the survey will start. A placeholder message will immediately appear (if specified) and the App will then go to sleep.

Starting a "run once" survey

As with a sceduled survey, activate the imported survey control file by tapping on this file on the home screen. Then tap the "Run once” button on the top of the home screen. Then an alert notice will appear confirming asking for a participant ID. Enter at least a 2 digit identification and click "Run".

A survey run sequence

This section only applies to a scheduled survey.

The App sleeps until a survey run is due. Then an alert will sound and a notification (a P.I.E.L. App slider) will appear in the middle of the screen. The participant needs to respond to the notification immediately, by dragging the notification slider to the right, and the survey will automatically open. Alternately, slide the unlock button to the right and the survey should also open.

The participant has a limited time (set by max-delay) to respond to the alert notice. If the alert notice disappears from the screen before max-delay time is up and the survey does not open automatically, open it from the notification bar. This is a blind pulled down from the top of the screen (see following image).

If the participant misses the max-delay period, a placeholder message will appear. If the participant fails to finish the survey within the allocated time period set by the researcher (max-duration), a placeholder message will appear and the App will sleep till the next alert.

The question sequence

The survey automatically progresses when button and list (%TYPE list) questions are answered. With multiple response (%TYPE checkbox) and slider questions (%TYPE slider) the participant needs to tap the “Next” button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to advance to the next question. With a text question, (%TYPE text), the participant needs to indicate they are finished answering by tapping the “Done” button at the top right of the keyboard. When the keyboard disappears they must then tap the “Next” button to advance to the next question.

The “Back” button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen allows participants to go back and change an answer if necessary. They will then have to re-answer successive questions.

Progress through the survey is indicated as a percentage at the bottom centre of the screen (between the “Back” and “Next” buttons). At the end of the survey, an exit message will appear, followed by a placeholder message and the App will go to sleep until the next survey run.

Stopping a Survey Mid-project

To stop a multiple-run survey midway through a project go to:

Settings> P.I.E.L Survey > Stop Current Survey

Toggle the switch to “On”.

If you have passcode restrictions on, you need to enable Delete Apps.

Settings > General > Restrictions

Enter Passcode. Then allow Delete Apps.