Run Survey

Device Setup

iDevices have a number of functions setup options relevant to the PIEL Survey.

Email Setup

A valid and enabled email account must be setup on the device if you want the results to be emailed. There are many online tutorials on how to set up email in iOS and we will not attempt to repeat that information here

In order to verify the account is available, you can find them in the Apple Settings app.

  • Open "Settings > Mail > Accounts" or "Settings > Accounts & Passwords"
  • Under Accounts, tap on the account you want to use.
  • Check that the “Mail” toggle is set to "on".
  • If you are using an IMAP or POP account, the “Account” toggle should be "on".

Notifications and Alert Style

Scheduled surveys require that the device produces an alert requiring the action of the participant.

When the app is installed, the user is asked to allow "Notifications". They should agree to this to allow the app to work. If they do not allow notifications, a warning will appear when they start a scheduled survey and offer a link to the Settings app where they can allow Notifications by sliding the "Allow Notifications" toggle to "On". This can also be done manually by going to "Settings > PIEL Survey > Notifications".

Restricting Functions

Researchers can restrict certain functions on their iDevices by creating a 4 digit security code. Go to: Settings > General> Restrictions Select the functions you wish to restrict. This limits the alternate uses of the iDevice while participants are doing survey runs. Restricting the deleting apps function prevents the PIEL Survey App from being deleted.

Note that the deleting app restrictions must be removed to stop a survey mid-project.

Turn off "Do not disturb"

Make sure that the device does not have "Do not disturb" activated. You can check this in "Settings > Do not Disturb" but a faster way is as follows.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to launch Control Center.
  • Tap the Do Not Disturb button. It looks like a crescent moon and is in the top row.

Volume Settings

Make sure that the device is not muted and that the volume is turned up so the alert sound is easy to hear. The alert can be difficult to hear when outside or in noisy situations. A volume that seems too loud when all else is quiet may not be heard other situations.

Charge the device

Remember to charge the device and give participants a charger with the device if necessary.

Participant device preparation

Participants can use their preferred settings on their iDevices as long as they can access and respond to the survey. However, they need to:

  • Download the App from the App store.
  • Activate the email account on their device so they can receive the survey and email their responses.

It is also preferable if they can activate vibrate on their iPhone to augment the alert sound.

The alert sound used in the survey will apply only to the PIEL Survey App. It will not interfere or change any of their own alert or message sounds.