Text Questions

Basic Features

Prior to reading these instructions, see the information on the general features of questions in the PIEL Survey.

The text question allows the user to type a response to an open-ended question. When the participant taps in the text entry of a text question, a keyboard is shown to allow typing of the answer. When an answer is typed, the participant can then tap "OK" or swipe to go to the next question.

To create a text box, use "%TYPE text".

The following code created the question shown in the images below.

2|What other features do you want in the PIEL Survey? %TYPE text

Tapping on the “Type answer here” text will activate the keyboard. The participant can then type an answer.

The "Next" button and right swipe capability will also then be enabled.

The keyboard will be dismissed when moving to the next question.


You can customise which type of keyboard displays for the participant by using the "%OPTIONS" keyword followed by one of the following words:

  • normal
  • number
  • decimal
  • email
  • url
  • phone

If not set in the Control File, the default is "normal". Setting a different keyboard type can make the type of data entry required more intuitive.

For example, the following line brings up a number keypad.

10|What age are you? %TYPE text %OPTIONS number


Text questions do not show a default hint. A hint can be added by placing the keyword "%HINT" after the question text followed by the custom hint.

10|What is making you anxious at the moment? %HINT Please provide a brief description %TYPE text


Text questions can be branched so participants are directed to a designated question or to the end of the survey. To direct them to a designated question, put "%NEXT" and the required question number or "END" after "%TYPE text". Note that branching is only allowed to later questions.

10|What is making you anxious at the moment? %HINT Please provide a brief description %TYPE text %NEXT 15